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Announcement 2016 ZooMumba Birthday Events

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by The Osprey, Sep 2, 2016.

Dear forum reader!

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  1. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Dear Zoo Directors,

    ZooMumba’s 6th birthday is just around the corner and we would like to present you the plan of our birthday activities which will start tomorrow.

    Daily Login Bonus

    From August 18th at 12 noon (CEST) until September 6th at 12 noon (CEST), we will activate our daily login bonus again. This means that if you log in every day, you can do 4 rounds during the next 20 days and get your little present each and every day.

    Shop Sales

    During the whole event time, the items from the former birthday events will be activated in our zoo shop. With the exception of the event animals. All animals from former birthday events will only be available in our Traveling Circus which comes around with a special birthday edition (see below). All the other items will be activated in our zoo shop from August 18th at 12 noon until September 6th 12 noon (CEST).

    Traveling Circus – birthday special edition


    The Traveling Circus come around with a special birthday edition from August 18th at 12 noon until August 23rd at 12 noon (CEST). The animal selection is full of former birthday animals. And to make it a bit more attractive for our players, we added some of the circus animals, the crab and the yak, to the list.

    Cake collection

    Do you remember the cake collection set from the past? We reactivate it for our birthday event. The cakes are dropping during the whole event time – this means from August 18th at 12 noon until September 6th at 12 noon (CEST). However, due to a pesky bug you will not actually see the slices of cake dropping as we normally do - but do not worry, they are dropping and accumulating in the album collection as they should be and you can exchange them for reewards as normal.

    Birthday Board game

    We also organized a special birthday board game for you! It starts on August 25th at 12 noon and ends on September 5th at 12 noon (CEST). The board game itself (as well as all the rewards) is still a surprise and we will inform you about it very soon.

    We hope that you are all with us during the following weeks to celebrate a huge birthday party together with all ZooMumba players from all over the world. There will definitely be some other little surprises for all of you but it wouldn’t be a surprise if we talked about it already.

    You can leave your feedback here: [Link]

    If you want to, please leave your birthday wishes here in this thread: [Link].

    Happy birthday everybody!

    Your ZooMumba Team
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  2. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Hello Zoo Directors

    Today is ZooMumba's official 6th Birthday(party)To mark the occasion Fluse and the Dev Team have sorted out a Bonus code for us.


    The Bonus code is - 6years

    Valid: From now on until August 31 at 23.59 (CEST)

    Content: the 4 ocean world Assistants for 24 hours

    The assistants can be used in ocean world only. Tip: If you activate also the “normal assistants” in the normal zoo, you can use the zoo director in ocean world as well when activating the Ocean World assistants.

    Have fun

    Kind regards
    Your ZooMumba Team
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  3. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hey Zoo Directors,

    Our Birthday Event starts into its second round and we proudly present our very first Ocean World board game in the history of ZooMumba. It’s time to get wet! Play our ‘Splashin’ Around!’ board game, and pick up all sorts of new items for Ocean World including the adorable seahorse!


    Since it’s a new diving board game, here are some facts for you:



    • Like you know it from the “normal” board games, you take care of your animals and collect colourful starfishes that drop from your habitats.
    • Step by step, you explore the underwater zones on the game board to earn rewards
    • IMPORTANT: The starfishes only drop in your Ocean World zoo area! In the “normal” zoo areas, the cakes continue to drop and you can continue to do the cake collection set.
    • When you explored all the zones (that means when you finished all the steps of the board game), the board will reset so you can go diving again!
    • The whole board game offers 3 different rounds with different prizes
    • But you can do as many rounds as you like. The only thing is: After the 3rd round, the rewards will be repeated – this means: in round 4, you’ll get the rewards from round 1 again, in round 5, you’ll get the rewards from round 2 again and so on.
    Round 2:-


    Round 3


    Round 4


    • IMPORTANT: From round 4 on, the costs for the different steps will stay as high as they were in round 3! They stay like in round 3 for all upcoming rounds you are doing!
    The whole board game will start on Thursday, August 25th at 12 noon (CEST) and it ends on Monday, September 5th. Like usual, you will still have 24 hours on top to pay in your starfishes. There are still some days to grow your Ocean World park until the board game will go live. So roll up your sleeves and do some work in the crafting center.

    Talk to each other about the event here: [Link]

    Enjoy the new diving board game and have a great time!

    Kind regards
    Your Zoomumba Team
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  4. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hello Zoo Directors

    We have another Bonus Code for you


    Enter starfish

    and you will receive:-
    • 50 Orange Starfish
    • 50 Purple Starfish
    • 50 Green Starfish
    • 1 Small Pirate Bay Habitat
    • 3 Hours of 150% Starfish Booster
    Do remember that the starfish booster is activated as soon as your code s received so use it wisely.

    The Bonus Code can be used from now til 23.59 on Tuesday 6th September

    Good luck everyone and continue to enjoy the event

    Kind regards
    Your ZooMumba Team
  5. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Bonus Code Expiry Time

    Hello Zoo Directors

    Do be aware that although the Starfish Bonus Code is available til 23.59 CEST on Tuesday 6th September, the Board Game actually closes at 12.00 noon, so do not use your bonus code after the Board Game has finished as this would be a shameful waste.

    The reason why the Bonus Code expires at (or just before) midnight is that the required coding for the scheduled expiration is always set to midnight and is difficult to change.

    We hope you are enjoying the game and the event

    Kind regards
    Your ZooMumba Team
  6. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Dear Zoo Directors,

    It's time to get to work! From 8pm Friday evening to 8am Monday morning, you'll earn double XP for tending to your animals!


    Grab your pail, set the feed out right and give your Zoo animals some good TLC! But do note: the double XP are awarded solely for tending to the animals — not for any XP bonus that a habitat may produce.

    With each action you carry out in a habitat now delivering an extra bump, that next level has never been closer!

    Have fun in the zoo!

    Your ZooMumba Team

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