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Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by .tomas01., Jul 27, 2019.

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  1. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. Active Author

    Shouldn't the baby, at maximum possibility, be 1 level above the minimum level of the parents? Is it possible to get a 4star by this method? xd[​IMG]
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  2. kiras

    kiras Living Forum Legend

    Hi Tomas,

    For me, it is very difficult to explain it to you in English because the translator does not translate exactly what I explain, but I'm going to try.

    I put a male and a female rabbit in the hatchery and maybe born:

    1 baby Rabbit or
    1 baby Angora Rabbit or
    1 baby Fuzzy Lop-Eared Rabbit

    it's not possible to get a Lionhead Rabbit or at least he has never touched me.

    It's a shame I can't explain you the amount of possibilities you can do :cry::cry:
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  3. Najlepszy1590

    Najlepszy1590 Emperor of the Forum

    It seems to me that you can get even 4 or 5 level from an ordinary animal. It depends on luck. And to get level 3 just like you did it is not so hard.
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  4. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi dear friends

    Our good friends Kiras and Najlepszy are right.

    The breeding results are random and it is down to luck whether you get a higher level baby.

    the only guantee to get a baby at least one level higher than the lower lvel parent, is by using a Breeding Lab Booster which is available in the Specials section of the Zoo Shop, for 55 ZD.

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  5. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. Active Author

    You don't have to worry, for real, I did understand what you said (chuckle) and I appreciate it
  6. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. Active Author

    Wow, that's new, I never got a 4/5star with 1star parents, even with 9 hearts (the rhinos have been such a headache to me for that)
  7. .tomas01.

    .tomas01. Active Author

    Oh I get it now, it seems I misunderstood the hole thing and must have though that what says in that purchased bonus is what actually happens :/ thanks Scorpion for clarifying that (chuckle)
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