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Suggestion Cup

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Najlepszy1590, Apr 24, 2019.

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  1. Najlepszy1590

    Najlepszy1590 Emperor of the Forum

    I will say it briefly. It would be good to start this function. It has been there for a long time and is inactive all the time. Maybe it is worth reminding the creators that such a thing exists. Greetings.
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  2. Neriux

    Neriux Someday Author

    Yes, but not just 100 people with 200 levels, but random people to, with different activities - best feeder, drinker, and from last week and month. You stopped doing that you were losing your rating.
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  3. Lunari1

    Lunari1 Junior Expert

    ja jestem na tak
  4. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi everyone

    Sadly, there is little chance of the Devs restarting this table again.

    We asked on a number of occasions when it was first disabled, but they did not decide to restart it for us.

    Sorry that I do not have better news for you all.

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  5. Najlepszy1590

    Najlepszy1590 Emperor of the Forum

    So that it was once turned on?
  6. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Yes, it was working at one time, but they disabled it after a while. I don't know why.

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  7. Najlepszy1590

    Najlepszy1590 Emperor of the Forum

    Thank you for the answer, but could I find out what function this option used to be? What was she doing?
  8. Lunari1

    Lunari1 Junior Expert

    też chciałabym wiedzieć(fala)
  9. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    I can only go from memory here, as this option closed a long time ago.

    There used to be performance tables from across the whole Zoo Community.

    The various categories were things like:
    How much Grass, Fish, Fruit, Grain, Water was given to players; animals. (It stopped before Ocean World was brought to us so the various OW foods were not included)
    How many times habitats were cleaned.
    How much rubbish was collected.
    How much Entrance Fee money was collected.
    How much revenue was cllected from various stalls/shops

    There may well have been other categories.

    The table leaders did not really alter much - as higher level players obviously had larger Zoos, more habitats, more animals, more stalls/shops - so their scores were consistantly higher each time than lower level players, who could not hope to compete with the higher level players.

    It was probably because the league tables did not change much, that it was decided that it was rather a pointless exercise so it was discontinued.

    As I said, this is only from memory and maybe there are other players here who know of other items included in the league tables.

    Cheers for now
  10. Najlepszy1590

    Najlepszy1590 Emperor of the Forum

    Thank you for your response. I would like to see something like that in the game anyway :D

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