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Discussion in 'Players´ Corner' started by whitekitty, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. whitekitty

    whitekitty Forum Baron

    Hello, everybody! (wave)
    I did not know where to post that so I opened a new thread. Actually, we have always had a thread for curiosities on the Bulgarian forum and have always enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy such a thread, too.
    This article about the unique green Varna cat features quite a few pictures and a video, therefore I find it more convenient to post a link. If it does not open for certain locations, please let me know and I will post a summary and just a couple of pictures.


    :cry: or :D ???
    Looking forward to your contributions,
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  2. feej1274

    feej1274 Living Forum Legend

    I think he looks quite stunning in those colours bless him:inlove:
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  3. BeastMasterXXX

    BeastMasterXXX Living Forum Legend

    yeah, he certainly stands out it a crowd (hug)
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  4. bubobubo

    bubobubo Old Hand

    The green cat looks cute but I am little bit worried if the paint is poisonous as cats tend to lick their fur:oops:
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  5. pek712

    pek712 All knowing Oracle

    So cute (hug)
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  6. feej1274

    feej1274 Living Forum Legend

    Hopefully Bubo they will catch him soon and be able to check him out and make sure he is ok(chuckle)
  7. whitekitty

    whitekitty Forum Baron

    According to the people living in the neigbourhood, the cat turned green last winter as well. The garage is obviously his winter residence. And the owner is reported to be living abroad so the paint cannot be removed. Anyway, it seems to be harmless. Besides, Hulk (as they often call him) and his ginger companion get plenty of food and attention. There are even jokes going around about him planning to turn purple next year.
    Some people seem to think that it's not much of a job to corner and catch a cat. I was one of them until I was commissioned to translate some interviews with our zoo staff for a film. I knew about the notorious jackal, nicknamed Houdini, who kept everybody - keepers, doctors, managers - busy for months with her tricks. She was a very ingenious escape artist and almost impossible to catch once she sneaked out of her enclosure. Visitors to the zoo had great fun trying to track her and take pictures. The details about all the futile attempts to capture her - traps of all sorts, arrows and what not - really stunned me. It's unbelievable how cunning animals can be when it comes to their freedom.
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  8. pek712

    pek712 All knowing Oracle

    I saw him on my twitter feed too!

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  9. whitekitty

    whitekitty Forum Baron

    OMG! I had heard about the Japanese 'cat islands' but I had never imagined anything like that:


    o_O Enjoy! [​IMG]
    Or - don't! As the case may be. In fact, I read a lot of controversial commentaries under the English, Bulgarian and Russian versions of that article... Bulgarians are the kindest. Only one commentary like: Am I the only one disgusted? and an immediate curt answer: You are! Feel free to leave the thread! The English-speaking world seems mostly concerned about cat-population issues.
    I am looking forward to more commentaries. ;)
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2015
  10. whitekitty

    whitekitty Forum Baron

    What one can invent!

    Instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Color-Chickens

    It seems that the second method, injecting the eggs with vegetable-based dye, has been used by farmers for practical purposes - to distinguish one hatch or breed of chickens from another while raising them...
    However, there is one drawback of dyeing chickens for Easter: the traditional red colour is not recommended, as the other chickens will tend to attack the red-coloured one and peck at it... Though I can see nothing like that in the clip below.

  11. Laura9376

    Laura9376 Forum Commissioner


    - When you were in the maternal belly you developed 250,000 neurons per second.

    - The brain is more active during the night than during the day.

    - The human brain is fully formed at age 20.

    - Smart people, sometimes, underestimate their abilities and the ignorant tend to mistakenly believe that they are brilliant.

    - The human being has 270 emotions (positive, negatives and variables).

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