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Happy Birthday ZooMumba

Discussion in 'Players´ Corner' started by The Osprey, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Hello Zoo Director's

    We thought it would be nice to open up a thread where you can pass on your Birthday Wishes to the ZooMumba Team. You may even want to post Birthday Cards, drawings etc.

    So let your creative juices flow and remember ZooMumba wouldn't be what it is without you guys(party)

    Kind regards
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  2. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hello Dear Friends

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a huge Happy Birthday


    Thank you everyone for making ZooMumba such a lovely game to play and making our forum here such a friendly and safe environment in which to chat.


    Enjoy the festivities.

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  3. PerryPenguin

    PerryPenguin Moderator Team Zoomumba

    Yaay! (party) Happy 6th Birthday Everyone (party)

    Fish Pizza Happy Birthday.png

    Have a pawsome time during the celebrations

    See you soon
    Perry (hug)
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  4. donademene

    donademene Living Forum Legend


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOOMUMBA!!!!(party)(party)(party)(party)(party)(party)
    ZOOMUMBA Team HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Inspiration, success in work and that you develop as many new players join us !!
  5. BeastMasterXXX

    BeastMasterXXX Living Forum Legend

    Happy Birthday ZooMumba


    A big Happy Birthday to all at ZooMumba - to Fluse and the Devs and everyone at BigPoint in hamburg, to Osprey, Scorpion, Penny and Perry, and to all my dear friends here in our forum.

    Have fun during the 6th Birthday celebrations.
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  6. Laura9376

    Laura9376 Forum Commissioner

  7. feej1274

    feej1274 Living Forum Legend

    Happy Birthday to all in ZooMumba may the next 6 years be as good (party)(party)
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  8. pek712

    pek712 All knowing Oracle


    A huge Happy Birthday to the Dev Team, Fluse, Scorpion, Osprey, Penny, Perry and other dear friends here on the forum!! (party)(party)

    There wouldn't be this lovely game without you. Thank you for making it worth to play (hug)

    I wish you have all had a pawsome time playing Zoomumba - and that you'll have it for the upcoming years as well xD
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  9. Blenco58

    Blenco58 Emperor of the Forum

    Happy birthday Zoomumba and also the Dev team and all our friends
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  10. zoo2oo

    zoo2oo Forum Freak


    To all of you BW Zoo2oo
  11. aninos

    aninos Commander of the Forum

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  12. donademene

    donademene Living Forum Legend

    Happy Birthday ZOOMUMBA !!!
    Good luck Team !!!
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