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Happy Easter Dear Friends

Discussion in 'Players´ Corner' started by PerryPenguin, Apr 19, 2019.

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  1. PerryPenguin

    PerryPenguin Moderator Team Zoomumba

    Hi there dear friends (wave)

    Mr Scorpion has wished everyone Happy Easter

    on behalf of Mr Oessian, our International Community Manager, Mrs Heiva, Mrs Tuzinka, Mrs Bagheera, Mrs Danda, Mr Scorpion, Penny and me, Perry.

    But I thought I would open up this thread so that everyone can wish their Zoo friends, families, friends at home and their animals a Happy Easter too.

    I know that many of you have already wished each other Happy Easter in your own language sections but it would be nice to do it here for everyone as well.


    with lots of big hugs from Penny (hug), our li'l Sis and Bruv Peggy (hug) and Percy (hug) and me, Perry (hug)
  2. Heïva

    Heïva S-Moderator Team Zoomumba

    Happy Easter to everyone. (wave)

    Good luck to find the eggs.

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  3. donademene

    donademene Living Forum Legend

    Hey Penny, Heiva,(wave)(hug)(hug)
    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!:inlove:(party)(party)
  4. Jana0104

    Jana0104 Living Forum Legend

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