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Meet the Team - The Scorpion

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Team' started by The Scorpion, Nov 13, 2013.

Dear forum reader!

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  1. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hey everyone, I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe new year.

    Kind regards Scorpion
  2. BeastMasterXXX

    BeastMasterXXX Living Forum Legend

    Cheers Scorpion, and Happy New Year to you and Mrs Scorpion from Mrs Beast and me.
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  3. feej1274

    feej1274 Living Forum Legend

    Thanks Scorpion and a Happy New Year to you and your family too
  4. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Happy New Year Mr & Mrs Scorpion hope it's a good one:)
  5. Лулу1

    Лулу1 Forum-Greenhorn

    Привет Всем! Играю пару недель .Хочу узнать, друзья или соседи в игре еть, а то скука дикая.
  6. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Hello Лулу1

    You must write in English only here in the English language forum.

    If you have a question or concern that you need addressing we can do this only if you write in English. If you are unable to do so and require an answer in your own language, please visit your language Support Team which you can reach by clicking on the support link button at the bottom of your game page


    shown by the RED arrow in the picture above.

    We regret to advise you that further posts not in English will attract an official warning and/or an infraction penalty which may result in you being excluded from the forum.

    Kind regards Osprey
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  7. Eisiline

    Eisiline Count Count

    Hello Osprey,

    i am wondering, but what picture?:oops: I can see, that there should be a picture, but i have no rights to see it.:confused:

    Greetings Eisiline:)

    Edit: Now i can see the picture :)
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2014
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  8. The_PinkPanther

    The_PinkPanther Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello Scorpion!I am The pink panther by the old forum as aliki28.This new forum is awesome!
  9. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hello Pink Panther

    It is good to see you here in the English language forum. You really are very welcome.

    Please do make yourself at home here, and perhaps you would like too join in some of the forum games in the Official Forum Games area or in the Users' Corner. I know that the players will make you feel very welcome.

    Kind regards Scorpion

    PS Congrats on your level 19 :D
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  10. RomanianOwl

    RomanianOwl Active Author

    Hello Mr. Scorpion :D

    Sorry for replying so late, but I wasn't very active on this new forum at the beggining...it was quite a change for me, and I missed the old Romanian Team and forum, but I think I got used with the changes :D.

    So, what can I say? You are obviously a nice, smart and friendly person.
    I understood from your description that you have a respected age, so I am sure that you are a wise person, and I'm glad that I can comunicate and get advices from you :D
    I'm only 17...you know how teenegers are...anxious, rushed, careless, stubborn, dramatizing everything and thinking we can do anything we want :)))...it's the age...every teenager is like this...even if we want to admit it or not :) So the advices of a wise person who already went through this are always welcomed.

    I'm glad you play this game and I'm sure the forum is glad to have you as BoardAdmin, and the users will be very friendly :D

    Best wishes for you and your family
    - Peter
  11. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hello Peter

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It made me feel delighted but also humbled when I read your lovely message.

    It really is my pleasure to be able to assist our friends with direct help, advice or perhaps just a little hint - and I know this also is true of my friend and Team colleague, Osprey. When we read messages such as yours we feel that it really is worthwhile doing what we do here in the forum.

    Haha! As for your comment on teenagers - I know exactly what you mean, my friend, but hey! that is all part of the growing up process into full adulthood, and I wouldn't expect, nor want, it to be any other way.

    We are all entitled to have our say here in the forum - your opinions are as important to us as those of any other player. All we ask is that you abide by the forum rules - and be friendly and respectful to the players and the Team - which you most definitely are, thank you.

    May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your command of the written English language.

    I wonder if you are aware that in UK the Owl is considered to be a very wise creature - so in my opinion, you have a good choice of username. Is this also the case in Romania?

    Thank you again for your message and for playing and enjoying the game.

    My best wishes to you and your family too.

    Kind regards Scorpion
  12. RomanianOwl

    RomanianOwl Active Author

    Thank you very much for your lovely words. :D I am glad that you liked my message. Right now I just finished my introduction at the users corner :D

    I'm glad that I made you a good impression about myself...the first impression is the most important. :)

    And yes, hehe, I know...we all go through those phases of growing and becoming mature and responsable adults...in most cases, because we know that maturity is given by life experiences, not by the age, and in some cases, grown-up adults are acting and thinking just like some foolish teens. But we can't do anything about that...each person is responsable of their actions.

    About the Owl, well from what I know, the Owl is considered a very wise creature pretty much everywhere...and I don't have a favourite animal...I love them all and I always get impressed about their abilities each time I see a documentary about some random animal. So, as I don't have a favourite animal, I just chose an animal with a good reputation, the wise Owl. But that was more than 3 years ago...I don't know if I would have chose the same name now, but I'm glad I was inspired back then. :D

    Thank you again for everything you do for us on this forum. :)

    Have a nice evening :D
    - Peter
  13. βιοτεχνια02

    βιοτεχνια02 Forum General

    Hello Scorpion
    i want to say that you are an excellent moderator and thank you for all the work that you have did and you doing untill now for us;)
    best wishes to you and of course your family:)
  14. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Thank you very much for your kind words, Nick :).
    Best wishes to you and all of your family.

    Kind regards Scorpion
  15. βιοτεχνια02

    βιοτεχνια02 Forum General

    thank you very much:):):)
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  16. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hello Everyone

    Just letting you all know that Mrs Scorpion and I are taking a few days leave, to get in a little more sunshine before the Winter sets in.

    My dear friend Osprey is still here and will be ably assisted by our good friend Wildcat.

    Have fun and continue to enjoy the game and our friendly forum.

    See you all when I get back.

    Kind regards Scorpion
  17. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hey Mr & Mrs Scorpion

    Have fun and enjoy your holiday. Penny and I will help Mrs Osprey and Mrs Wildcat look after the forum, so no worries there.

    Don't forget to bring us back a prezzie :p

    See you when you get back.

  18. pek712

    pek712 All knowing Oracle

    Enjoy your holiday!
    Have fun, see you later :)
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  19. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Hey Scorpion

    I hope you and Mrs Scorpion have a lovely holiday. Try not to enjoy yourselves too much:eek::D

    Best wishes to you both, and will see you when your home

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  20. vlad210801

    vlad210801 Forum General

    Have a great holiday Mr and Mrs Scorpion!xD

    We will see you when you are home.:)
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