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Patchnotes – February 2014

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by Fluse, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Hello Zoo Directors,

    Our vernal Valentine's event is in full swing and we're busy working away, of course. In the following, you will find a brief review of the last month and an update of all bug-fixes and improvements we focused on. In addition to the exciting preparations for our Valentine's event, we're puttering around in the background on a number of projects.

    The following improvements, events, etc. were implemented in February:


    Brand-New Wheel of Fortune Prize

    · Clouded Leopard: With the extremely shy clouded leopard, yet another large cat is now available as an exclusive and very rare prize in our Wheel of Fortune. Keep spinning – the clouded leopard will also alternate between the black panther or the snow leopard. Other great prizes for the Wheel of Fortune are already in the works and we are going to start introducing new prizes every once and in awhile in different intervals.

    · Improvement of Internal Functions: We improved a few functions in our internal administration pages so that we as well as our forum teams can better help you with your questions about your zoos.



    · Still Images of Animal Animations: The still images of a bunch of different animals were strongly pixelated. This problem has been fixed.

    · Fairy Tale Habitats: In the fairy tale habitat, the Frog King was sitting on the edge of the fence. This problem was fixed.

    · Graphic Error: We've fixed a few small graphic errors, for example, we adjusted the signs in the collector's albums for some animals.


    Events in February

    Here's a quick look at what was offered in February:

    · Egypt Event: Our journey to Ancient Egypt kept us busy at the beginning of February.

    · Double XP Weekend: To wrap up our Egypt event with a strong finish, we hosted our Double XP Days.

    · Groundhog Day: Traditionally Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd. For this reason, we offered our groundhogs in the Zoo Shop.

    · Twin Breeding Event: Subsequently, you had the chance to complete your existing breeding series in our Twin Breeding event. After all, it was your wish and your wish is our command. :)

    · Valentine's Items in the Zoo Shop: With the special Valentine's offer in our shop, you had the opportunity to romantically decorate your zoo. Show us your pretty zoos. We can't wait to see them.

    · Happy Hour: And once again, we delighted you with another Happy Hour offer.

    · Community Mission: You solved our community mission lickety-split. The relaunch was a bit of a miss and we could only reward one prize. For those who weren't able to pick it up during this short time, just use the announced bonuscode "Amoricus" to get it.

    · Double XP: During the last two weekends, double experience points were rewarded for all habitat actions.

    · New Wheel of Fortune Prize: Our shy snow leopard is being replaced by the also very rare clouded leopard.

    · Valentine's Board Game: Our Valentine's board game will accompany us through the first days of spring and stick with us until March. Enough time to win many amazing prizes. :)

    As always, we undertook a number of additional bug-fixes, text corrections as well as other technical improvements which happened behind the scenes and which you ideally didn’t even notice.

    Have fun and lovely greetings from
    Your ZooMumba team
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