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Report #5 | Interview with Game Designer Nils: What Awaits Us in 2014?

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by Fluse, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. BeastMasterXXX

    BeastMasterXXX Living Forum Legend

    Thanks for the latest Dev Blog Fluse and Nils. It is good to keep up to date with what you guys are proposing for us. Thanks for making and keeping the game so amusing and interesting.

    Oh yeah! and for what it's worth, I am in favour of the Critter Cruiser and I shall be voting for its return.

    Your friendly Beast
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  2. Granola

    Granola Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello Fluse&Nils

    Many announcements on the game even if all this remains mysterious what is even more exciting.
    . Whaoo !! I have a dream of sea animals.

    what is your définition of high-level ?
    2) is there a reflexion to modify the daily quests (not only rewards but also the way it's work actually) . I mean from high level to win 5000 pts of XP is rather derisory with regard to the necessary number XP between such level, reason why they are neglected even if it's really easy to achieve them at high-level.

  3. Askda

    Askda Forum-Newbie

    New animals of Valentine's Day event are very blurred. Can it be improved?
  4. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Hello again,

    And thank you, Beastmaster XXX, for your vote. Now we already have 2 votes for the critter cruiser. We will organize a poll in the whole communtiy to find out, if everyone like it to come back again. :)

    To answer the question of Granola concerning the definition of high level: You know, for everyone of you, high level is something very different. This depends on your own level. We are defining ranges of levels. I cannot tell you exact level ranges because they are not defined level per level. But our game now has a level range from 1 - 200. And there are not so many players who already reached higher levels over 70 or 100. So for us, the higher levels are where we have less players.

    When I want to answer your question concerning the daily quests, it's more difficult. Yes, we know that the rewards of the daily quests are not yet adapted to the needs of higher levels. But to rework them, we need a completely new balancing for the whole daily quest system. And with our new game play mechanics which we presented in our DevBlog, we have more possibilities to rework them. But this will definitely be a long-term goal which isn't part of the actual roadmap. ;)

    A last word to the comment of Askda: Please post errors of actual events in our Event threads so that the Board team can get in contact with you. :)

    So long! If you ever have more questions, just let us know. ;)
  5. carissimulus

    carissimulus Forum-Apprentice

    Dear Fluse and Nils,
    some Czech players would like to ask a few questions and post some comments but they donť speak English nor German, so they asked me to translate those:

    Kachnik10 wonders what´s with the Ocean World project. Is this the old promise you said you were going to honor?
    She also mentiones how difficult is sometimes gets to find certain animal on the four playfields. Would it be possible to implement some kind of "animal finder tool" - so that a player would write down a species and the tool would highlight the area where the species is settled in its habitat. And would it be possible to implement some kind of marking into the ZOO Depot for players to instantly see whether certain species is settled in a habitat somewhere in the playfield?

    Mazik61 is complaining that to buy an animal, you have prepare an empty habitat first and then place the animal into it. Would it be possible to buy an animal in the shop directly into the ZOO Depot?

    Ašada01 finds the price of assistents too high. She would greet some kind of month subscription for better price or a better price in case a player hires all the assistents at once.

    Thanks in advance for answering these questions of Czech players and thanks for the excellent job you´re doing so far.
  6. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Dear carissimulus,

    Thank you very much for collecting all the questions from the Czech players, this is really a great service, we appreciate your help a lot. :)

    Ok, time to answer your questions: Kachnik10 asks about the "old" promise we talked about. Actually, I will tell you more about this in one of our following DevBlogs, at this time it is way too soon to talk about it. But what I can tell you is the following: All these parts of the new gameplay mechanics we talked about are linked together. And at the end there will be something completely new. But until we reveal it, I understand that it's difficult for all of you to keep curiosity under control. :D

    The idea of an "animal finder tool" is really great, especially for very huge zoos. I'll note it down for the future and I will discuss it with our devs to get to know how difficult this would be. Please keep in mind that our roadmap is really full at the moment, but it's great to gather all your ideas for future plans. ;)

    Concerning the question of Mazik61, it seems a little bit unnatural for an animal to be reduced to merely vegetating in the inventory? :( It should be happy in its habitat to be together with other animals, what do you think? Sure, I understand that there must be a special reason for this wish. Perhaps you can explain a bit more in detail why you would like to have a function like that? :)

    Dear Ašada01, if you want to use a better price when you buy all assistants at once on a monthly base, please have a look into the zoo bank. In the area "Starter packs", you'll find a nice offer to get all assistants for 28 days at a lower price. It's called the "Full-time Assitants" Pack. ;)

    I hope I could answer all your questions. :rolleyes: Thanks a lot for your nice words, I will tell the whole dev team about it. ;)

    If there is anything else to ask, just let us know. Nils and I will discuss your topics and I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

    Have a nice weekend :)

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  7. carissimulus

    carissimulus Forum-Apprentice

    Dear Fluse,
    thanks for the prompt reply!

    was most curious about the Ocean World. Well it seems that we shall all have our fingers crossed to have the "new things" in game as soon as possible!

    Mazik61 mentioned the direct purchase into ZOO Depot in connection with the Community Challenge. You see, some playes were really so eager to fill up the mountain of hearts, that they would not only sell all the animals from their ZOO Depots, but they would even buy more animals to sell them afterwards. And Mazik61 found this quite time-consuming. I know that it really wasn´t the goal of the Challenge to end up in buying more animals, but may be next time the players would appreciate the possibility to contribute PetPennies to Community Challenges as well as animals...

    Speaking of the Community Challenge, some players would like to see some kind of counter, so that each player can see, how many animals (or their equivalent in PetPennies) are needed to fulfill the goal. They found it a little bit discourageing, when they sold a lot of animals and saw no immediate progress. You see, patiency is not a strongpoint of our natures :D.

    Thanks again for everything and nice Double XP weekend to everyone!

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  8. YAK347

    YAK347 Forum Inhabitant

    Regarding Mazik61's point, I can give an example of why it would be useful: Space is always in short supply (I wish that there were many more expansions available for the main zoo) and on occasion, there is an animal available to buy for a short time, but the player has no place to put it at the moment, so the player then has to make the decision to put an animal that they already have in storage in order to purchase the new animal or just let the opportunity to purchase the new animal pass...that is when it would be useful to be able to put the new animal directly into storage.
  9. chri04g4

    chri04g4 Active Author

    When having a community challange it would save a lot of time , if we did not have to start from the start of our storage every time we have sold an amimal. It would be nice if it returned to the animal last sold.
    I am not too fond of the critter cruiser.
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  10. babetak00

    babetak00 Active Author

    Hello, I would like to know, what is that construction on the square? Is that something special?
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  11. Mata3311

    Mata3311 Forum-Greenhorn

    even after the Valentine’s community mission is my inventory full. One sort animal on one card would help - it works well in the shop, the third small icon for baby should fit somewhere. The find function is nice, but I play in different languages (it depends on where I am).
    And similar - finding animal in the Animal Nursery and Breeding Lab is difficult. The find function would be nice or different system (e.g. smaller icons of all animals).
    I look forward to new features you have announced, thanks.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
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  12. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Hello everybody,

    Thanks again for all your great input. :)We are now going to sort out all your ideas and wishes and we will keep you updated about what we are planning after we have finished the huge tasks we were talking about in the DevBlog article.

    We learned a lot about how we can improve our community missions and we hope that there will also be variations of this kind of events in the future. :) If we can realize it with PetPenny amounts or other items - we will discuss all these ideas ... ;)

    Of course there is a lot to improve concerning our user interface, too. But first of all, we will roll up our sleeves to create all the features we were talking about in the beginning of this thread. :rolleyes:

    I have a bunch of paper with minutes now and Nils, the team and I will discuss them in detail during the next weeks.

    Meanwhile, I will close this thread. Thanks again for your participation and enjoy our Valentine's event. :)

    The next report here will come very soon. ;)

    Kind regards,

    Fluse and the whole ZooMumba team
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