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Announcement Report #7 | Interview with Game Designer Nils: Ocean world, Part I

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by Fluse, Jun 21, 2016.

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  1. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Hey Nils, it’s great that we can do another short exclusive interview with you. Our zoo directors are very excited because of all the information about Ocean World that has appeared over the last couple of weeks. This news took us completely by surprise, so why didn’t you tell us anything about the plans beforehand? :eek:

    A happy hello from me to all zoo directors. I am really glad that you are coming round here regularly, and that you are so faithful to our game! A huge thank you for that! Basically, we had already been working on Ocean World for a long time. The introduction of the recycling and crafting features was the first step in this direction. So yes, it has all been part of a huge master plan. It really takes a long time to build something this huge. This is why we wanted to surprise you at the end of the process, once we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Wow! A master plan? That is really thrilling, please tell us more!

    The master plan is to to deliver on a very ancient promise was made by the ZooMumba Team back in 2011 – the implementation of Ocean World. However, work on Ocean World was then cancelled in favor of implementing other types of new content. Personally, I think that promises should be kept (even if sometimes it’s really hard to keep them ;)). So this is why we wanted to deliver a feature that would live up to your expectations.

    Crafting and Recycling can already be used for all zoo areas. The special thing about Ocean World is that now you can really build everything on your own – the streets, the decorations, the paths, the habitats and also the shops. Ocean World gives you the chance to build brand new themed areas and, go wild with your creativity. Ocean World will also be a bit more demanding than the normal zoo to manage, so it will give our experienced zoo directors new goals and challenges. Ocean World will probably be available at level 17 for all players!

    Is there a background story to link the new Ocean World zone to the other zoo areas?

    Sure :D Here it is:

    One day, Zoey was chilling out during her afternoon coffee break, and was relaxing in her deckchair and reading her favorite magazine, when a couple of little penguins came waddling up to her looking so excited.

    It was, of course, Penny and Perry, who came up to her frantically tugging at her sleeve.
    “Zoey, Zoey, guess what we just found,” announced Perry.

    “What have you two little rascals been up to?” Zoey replied with a twinkle in her eye.

    “Zoey, Zoey”, continued Perry excitedly, “We were playing in the Hidden Zoo when suddenly there was this really fishy smell coming from nowhere. We thought we had better investigate where this was coming from. So we snuck into the bushes to see if what we could find.”

    Perry's face started to redden as he said “To be honest with you, I was a little scared, not knowing what we would find.”

    “My feet started to get a little wet the further we went in and, and.....there it was.....an old abandoned water park.”

    By this point, Penny was getting really impatient, and cut her brother off. “Zoey, Zoey, can we rebuild the park and make it really pawsome? Please, please, please!” she said, batting her long eyelashes, as she knew always seemed to work on such occasions. “But we couldn't do it on our own, we need your help. Please, please, pretty please.”

    “Can we Zoey? Can we, huh, huh, pleeeeeze?” interjected Perry.

    “Whoa, wait up a minute, you two. Show me where it is,” replied Zoey, putting down her magazine and climbing out of her deckchair.

    She followed the two little penguins to the edge of the Hidden Zoo, and her eyes got bigger as she saw the water park through the bushes.

    “There is not much left of it, sadly. This really would be a monumental task. But, I must admit, the water here is really beautiful.”

    “You know what?” she continued. “Maybe, we can ask Inga Neer at the Zoo Crafting Workshops if she could take a look and see if there is a way to do this. Perhaps we can repair everything and create some new water animal enclosures.”

    “Yaay! Way to Go, Zoey, that would be sooooo pawsome!” The two little penguins echoed together and started dancing.

    Penny continued. “We already found some old blueprints in a beach hut, and there are lots of old wood planks and other building materials lying around. We could build a pier out into the water, and lots of other things, and we can learn as we go along!

    And so that's how it all came about. With the help of Zoey, the other Zoo staff, Inga Neer, Penny and Perry, and of course, you - our Zoo Directors, we can finally get what we've all been waiting for......Ocean World!

    Ouups, (angel) now the developers are tugging at your sleeve! I see, you have to go back to work, but we still have lot of questions for you. :D See you next time!
  2. BeastMasterXXX

    BeastMasterXXX Living Forum Legend

    Good to read that things are progressing as planned. Such a cute story too. So it was our own two Dear Little Penguins who rediscovered Ocean World. Thank you Penny & Perry (hug)(hug), I am sure this really is gonna be pawsome!!! xD
  3. jedfjedf1996

    jedfjedf1996 Commander of the Forum

    It was very good to read this news about the Ocean World. It's good to see that things are going as it was expected.
    I can't wait for it to come to our zoos, because I remember that, when I started playing Zoomumba, Ocean World was already being planned, and it was about 5 years ago, more or less. So, as everybody, I am impatientely waiting for this.
  4. donademene

    donademene Living Forum Legend

    Information received delights me greatly.:inlove:
    Impatience is accentuates clear.:rolleyes:
    Thanks Fluse!(hug):D
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  5. martina_plv

    martina_plv Forum-Apprentice

    If I'm right, we'll get the Ocean World for Zoomumba's birthday in August and that would be one great present. I'm sure the waiting would be worthed. :) I've been playing for more than 6 years now and I'm so happy the game is still evolving. :)
  6. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Hey there (wave)

    Thank you sooooooo much for your patience, you are all so great :inlove: We know that it's been a long time for you and we are also very very excited about all the fishy things that come to our zoos. (party) At the moment, we are testing, testing, testing to eliminate all pesky bugs from Ocean World. Penny & Perry and their little penguin friends are a great help: they go fishing in the ocean and they will definitly have some little bugs on their fishing rods. (chuckle)

    Nils and the dev team as well as I really appreciate your comments and we will hurry up to get things done. And we hope that we can make it even before ZooMumba's birthday in August. (angel)

    Stay tuned!



    P.S.: Urgent fish pizza delivery for the devs is waiting downstairs in the reception :inlove: I am pretty sure that Penny & Perry sent it, yummi :inlove: Thanks a lot, guys (hug)(hug)(party)
  7. donademene

    donademene Living Forum Legend

    Hi, (wave)(hug)
    Fluse, wonderful news,:D:D wow we can celebrate two wonderful events. (party)
    That would be great! :D Thanks and more success!(chuckle)(hug)(hug)
  8. RomanianOwl

    RomanianOwl Active Author

    This is so amazing:inlove::inlove::inlove: I'm literally dying of excitement xD:eek: I was so excited that I started to redecorate my zoo to make it more pleasant for Ocean World! Those news have really got to me :)(chuckle)
    Thank you very much dev team and keep on doing great stuff! (hug)(wave)(party)
  9. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    (party) nice to hear that you are all as excited as we are (hug)

    @RomanianOwl: noooooo, don't die! xD We need you in Ocean World ;) And I would be more than happy to see your great zoos and to show to the team how you redecorate it (party)

    @donademene: Yay, let's hope that we will have a great summer with lots of water, fishy things and nice events (chuckle)
  10. pek712

    pek712 All knowing Oracle

    Ahh I'm also very excited :inlove: I still remember several years ago how there was a sign teasing us about the Ocean World and soon we'll actually have it :D Great job devs & Fluse (angel)
  11. RomanianOwl

    RomanianOwl Active Author

    @Fluse don't worry, I'm fine...I just exagerated because of the excitement (angel)Hehe :D
    And about my zoos, I still have to craft some decorations but as soon as I'm fully done with all of them, I'll post pictures in the "Show off your Zoo" thread. :D
  12. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    @RomanianOwl: (party) Yeah, we are all very excited as well (chuckle)

    Hurry up with your pictures, I am very curious. And by the way: It won't take long anymore until Ocean World comes to our zoos. ;) Always keep an eye on our announcements, it's very very very near xD

    We hope that all of you come around in the next days. (angel)
  13. pek712

    pek712 All knowing Oracle


    Hope you don't mind dear Fluse (angel)I'm very excited (party)(chuckle)
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  14. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Hahahahah, that is sooooo cooooooool, Pek :D
  15. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    I have one for you as well :), have a look at our dev who is still eliminating tiny bugs from Ocean World... perhaps our next animal will be a unicorn xD

  16. pek712

    pek712 All knowing Oracle

    Oh WOW, it's already here :eek: I'm so excited to build my own Ocean world or as it is in the Finnish game, merimaailma :inlove::D
    Thank you so so much Fluse and Devs for this amazing new feature that we have all been waiting for (chuckle)(chuckle) Pizza on the way xD
  17. RomanianOwl

    RomanianOwl Active Author

    Well, looks like now It will take a bit longer to completely finish decorating my zoo, because I want to craft things for Ocean World first. :inlove:(party) Than you very much for this amazing update! You guys are the best!:D(hug)(party)
  18. Alex192000

    Alex192000 Forum-Apprentice

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