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Discussion in 'Magyar szekció' started by timixi19760425, Mar 2, 2019.

Dear forum reader!

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  1. timixi19760425

    timixi19760425 Forum-Greenhorn

    A barna háttéren kívűl nem tölt tovább a játék, végigpróbáltam mindent amit erről a témáról itt a fórumon olvastam. de sajnos minden eredmény nélkül......
  2. alco231

    alco231 Forum-Apprentice

    Same for me in France. If you have the answer...

    Edit : advising is blocking. You have to click in the top left in a little thing to put the ad on and then, wait for the end of the ad.
  3. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi Timix

    Please try logging into your game using the direct login web page

    and remember you do have to ensure that Flash Player is enabled on your browser as it might revert to the default mode of 'Ask' each time you close off and reopen your browser, whereas it must show 'Allow' for Flash Player.

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  4. timixi19760425

    timixi19760425 Forum-Greenhorn

    megpróbáltam a bejelentkezést a küldött linkről de sajnos semmi eredmény....
  5. timixi19760425

    timixi19760425 Forum-Greenhorn

    de most a sokadik próbálkozára sikerült betölteni a játékot:D
  6. JaniJozsefne

    JaniJozsefne Forum-Greenhorn

    Nálam sem működik, egész du. probálkoztam !
  7. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

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  8. apuci38

    apuci38 Forum-Apprentice

    Nekem is csak a barnaság van. Nem akar működni a fenti belépéssel sem. Változott valami?
  9. alco231

    alco231 Forum-Apprentice

    Hi Mr Scorpion :)
    This is what happen for us.
    The ad is in the left of the screen, in a tiny high band (framed in blue). This ad is here whether Flash is enable or not.
    We have to click on the little dark stick (pointed by the red arrow) to 'enable' the ad.
    Then, we have to see the ad and click on Start Game to play.

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  10. apuci38

    apuci38 Forum-Apprentice

    Köszi, most sikerült belépni.
  11. PennyPenguin

    PennyPenguin Moderator Team Zoomumba

    Hi dear friends

    You should all be able to log into your game as before ow. Just remember to make sure that you have the Flash player plugin enabled on your browser - and you may have to re-enable Flash every time you turn off and reopen your browser.

    Thanks for playing.

    Big hugs
    Penny (hug)
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  12. alco231

    alco231 Forum-Apprentice

    Today, it's worst. The little black stick turned into a little black point. Only 1 pixel to click on whether Flash is enable or disable :/
  13. PennyPenguin

    PennyPenguin Moderator Team Zoomumba

    Hi Alco

    Are you able to login and play your game, when Flash Player is enabled?

    Penny? (hug)
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