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Discussion in 'Players´ Corner' started by promaster302, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. promaster302

    promaster302 Forum Demigod

    Hi Zoo Directors,

    I'm going to try and run the Top 100 for a bit, and see how I get on.

    I will ask the friendly mods to check up on any suspicious numbers, so be honest, (which i know you will(chuckle)).

    There is a thread where you can post your details here:
    I will aim to update the table every Monday, but not at all short what sort of time I'll manage.

    Please don't abuse the system. And please bear with me if I make some mistakes - I'm learning the ropes!.

    And now! without further ado....!

    ~~~~ TOP 100 ZOO DIRECTORS ~~~~

    This is a player-made chart and does not reflect the real ranking of all players but it gives some of us motivation to keep building and growing our zoos.

    What information is required to join?

    USERNAME: (your game username next to your game id)

    ZOO LEVEL: (what lever you are in)

    POPULARITY: (total number of people visiting your zoo)

    ZOOS: (how many zoos you have)

    PAW PRINTS: (how many paw prints you have)

    How is Score calculated?

    TOTAL SCORE = (Zoo level x1000) + popularity + zoos + (paw prints x100).

    example :
    player / level / popularity /zoos/ paw prints / total
    A / 35 / 5000 / 2 / 123600/ 1636.02 (35000 + 5000 + 2 + 123600 = 163602)

    How often do i submit form?

    You should only submit once per week but if you have made big changes i will accept more then 1 submits.

    How often does the top change?

    TOP 100 is updated weekly each Monday. All forms that are done during or after an update will count for the next week.

    How do I submit my information?

    You can submit your entry using .

    Where can i ask questions about this top?

    You can ask me questions directly in game via messages id: promaster302 or you can post in the dedicated topic .
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  2. promaster302

    promaster302 Forum Demigod

    I know its not Monday but i will make it today.

    RankUsernameCountryLevelPopularityPlotsPaw PrintsScoreChangeUpdated

    keep them coming :D
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  3. gisela17es

    gisela17es Forum-Greenhorn

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