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Twin Breeding for all animals

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by The Osprey, Oct 8, 2014.

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  1. The Osprey

    The Osprey Forum Freak

    Dear Zoo Directors,

    This weekend we're hosting a Twin Breeding Event without introducing any new animal. As a result, you can continue to breed twins from the existing selection of breeding animals and thereby complete your existing collection of breeding animals.


    This is why we're having our popular Twin Breeding Event from 12 noon (CET) on October 9th until 12 noon (CET) on October 14th. During this time, you'll get adorable twins every time you breed.

    For breeding twins, you can visit the shop to get Savings Packs for Sweetheart Potions and Nursing Potions. Tip: The Breeding Lab Booster gives you a 100% chance of breeding animals that are at least one level higher than the level of the animal parents.

    The newly bred animals remain in the game even after the Twin Breeding Event is over.

    Got any feedback? Then post it here for us: >>LINK<<

    Kind regards
    Your ZooMumba Team
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