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Two accounts

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ_Β, Oct 7, 2019.

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    ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ_Β Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello. I'm Katerina from Greece
    I used to play the game long time ago It appears that when I lost my passeword somehow I create another one Today when I came in to my second account I bought some gold and then I remembered that I use to have more animals more cages more of everything and I tried to reopen the 1st one And I did But now I have two
    Is there a way to merge the two accounts?
    Thank you
  2. danda-vnovis

    danda-vnovis Board Administrator Team Zoomumba

    Hello Katepina_B, there is no way, how to merge two account in one account, but there is no problem, you can play both if you would like to.
    It is pity that you didn´t contact the support before creating new account, we should give you advise, what to do, when your account is lost or you lost password.

    Have a great gaming
    danda :)

    ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ_Β Forum-Greenhorn

    I thought that it could be impossible to merge the accounts and it's pity
    I was in very difficult situation then, me and my family I couldn't think straight
    I tried to get into the game, smth went wrong and now I have 2 accounts
    It's ok I appreciate your answer danda-vnovis

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