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When Help is Required

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by The Scorpion, Oct 15, 2017.

Dear forum reader!

If you want to get actively involved in the Forum and participate in the discussions, or want to start your own thread or topic, you will have to log into the game first. We are looking forward to your next visit in our Forum! Please be sure to register if you do not own a game account. CLICK HERE
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  1. The Scorpion

    The Scorpion Team Leader Team Zoomumba

    Hi there Zoo Directors

    This is just to remind you all that if you require any help from the Team for whatever reason please either ask for help:-
    • here in the forum in the 'Help: Questions and Bug Reports' section. Please always describe the problem trying to be as accurate as possible with the details. Please also always include your Game Username (this may be different to your Forum Username) and your User ID Number
    • our French, Polish and Spanish Players can also ask questions in their own language in the appropiate section in the 'International Section' of the forum.
    • by contacting ZooMumba Support using the link at the bottom of your Login Page or your Game Page if you are already logged in
    • To log in to the Support Team who can assist you in your own language please make sure you select the correct language game server.
    • In the picture of the Login Page, below, select your language using the dropdown arrow at top right of the page, shown by the RED ARROW and you will see the Country Flag displayed, shown by the BLUE ARROW. Then click on the Support Link at the bottom of the page, shown by the ORANGE ARROW. (Please note that this displays the English language Login Page but the Support link is in the same position whatever language you are using)

    • Please do not ask your questions in the 'Players' Corner' of the Forum. This area is monitored by the Team but not as frequently as the 'Help' area
    • More importantly, do not ask a question as a 'Profile Post'. The Profile Posts are not monitored on a regular basis, so your problem may be overlooked for several days or even weeks especially if you have not written in English.
    Please help your Team to help you in a timely manner.

    Thank you

    Kind regards
    Team Leader
    ZooMumba English Language Board Team
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