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When u come back for a BIIIG while

Discussion in 'Players´ Corner' started by βιοτεχνια02, Nov 5, 2016.

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  1. βιοτεχνια02

    βιοτεχνια02 Forum General

    Hello Scorpion,Osprey,mods,Beast,Pek,Feej,and all the others(i dont remember all of :( )
    I had to post something for a big while,idk how many months or 1 year maybe...I left this forum before...i dont remember too :p
    I want to tell you my news for this big while
    So now i am 14 years old,i have been one of the best students in my class and i am really glad for it...My summer,was the worst summer ever...i dont want to give details...And also it hasnt anything with my holidays,I had so and so serious problems with my health...Now i am fine(At least i think..)
    The most important thing for me is,that I give exams for a certificate of the english language...And yeah...i started to study A LOT for english...Its strange for me that its my favourite language(in the past,i didnt enjoy studying english)
    I know that may I am not looking like a native speaker,I am sure i have mistakes in my post,but i think everyone has to post that i have a gradually :)
    Oh,i saw that i am until now in the top20 likes xD
    To be honest,I really dont care as i quited zoomumba,but i will NEVER forget the people that i met here..
    Peace and Good health to all of you :)
    With my respect,
    βιοτεχνια02(Nick as u learnt me) :)
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  2. BeastMasterXXX

    BeastMasterXXX Living Forum Legend

    Hi there Nick

    Nice to see you here again. I am sorry to learn that you have been feeling poorly, but glad you are feeling a lot better again now.

    Well done on your school work and exams.

    Take care, my friend, and keep safe.
  3. βιοτεχνια02

    βιοτεχνια02 Forum General

    Beast i will never forget u :) U are my favourite here :)
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  4. pyrotechnic

    pyrotechnic Active Author

    HI NICK,

    nice to see you for the first time even though we dont know each other.

    I hope that you are excellent now and noting ever again happens with your health.

    Well done at school and i hope that you will continue in the same way and dont give up if life seems stressing, just live day by day.

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