Wednesday, February 6, 2013
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Zoomumba: Critter Cruiser

Hello Zoo Directors,

The Critter Cruiser will be returning shortly!

This time you will be able to borrow a pair of Kinkajous for breeding, but be quick! The Critter Cruiser will only be available on your parking lots for 5 days. Have fun with these cute kinkajous and enjoy the event in your zoo!

You will be able to exchange the babies for up to 3 males and 3 females of your own, which when you add their 3 babies will be a complete habitat full.

The critter cruiser will be open from 12.00 Noon CET on Wednesday, February 6th until 12.00 Noon CET on Monday, February 11th.

The kinkajous will NOT be available in the zoo shop, so you must get all your adults from the Critter Cruiser.

Remember that the two adults that you borrow and any babies that were used to buy the adults will leave with the critter cruiser. But the adults you do acquire, by exchanging babies, from the critter cruiser and any babies you have subsequently are yours to keep.

Best of luck!


Your ZooMumba Team

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